MightyTips.com backs Huddersfield Town’s rising star, Scott High

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MightyTips.com, a leading betting guide website, has announced the addition of Scott High, a midfielder from Huddersfield Town AFC and Scotland U21, to their roster of sponsored Championship players.

Scott High will be joining two other Championship division players, Lewis Travis from Blackburn Rovers and Dimitrios Goutas from Cardiff City, as part of the MightyTips.com sponsorship.

The goal of this sponsorship is to strengthen the association with professional football, increase brand awareness in the UK, and connect with potential new customers. MightyTips.com will be sponsoring Scott High for the 2023/24 season, during which Huddersfield Town aims to solidify their position in the Championship and improve upon their performance from previous seasons.

At 22 years old, Scott High is a promising midfield playmaker who has already received recognition as Huddersfield Town’s Academy Player of the Year for the 2018/19 season. Having been with the Huddersfield Town academy since he was 9 years old, High is considered to be a local talent, hailing from just ten miles away in Dewsbury.

Eugene Ravdin, the Communications and Marketing Manager at MightyTips.com, expressed excitement about the sponsorship deal, highlighting High’s potential and character both on and off the pitch. The hope is that as High continues to make his mark in senior league football, the sponsorship will also help elevate the MightyTips.com brand.

Scott High recently made an appearance during the second half of Huddersfield Town’s 3-2 EFL Cup defeat against Middlesbrough on August 8th.

Founded in 1908, Huddersfield Town has a storied history, particularly in the 1920s when the club achieved significant success, winning three consecutive league titles and the FA Cup in the 1921/22 season.